Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Beyerdynamic MMX 300
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic MMX 300
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Beyerdynamic MMX-300 2. Generation, Hear-Talk Headset, For professional gaming, podcast or communication, Weight: 294 g, Incl. case, 1.2 m cable with remote control, 6.35 mm jack adapter and 1.2 m Y extension cable@+*Features headset:*@+@+, Closed, Circumaural, Nominal impedance: 32 Ω, SPL: 96 dB, Frequency

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Beyerdynamic DT 797 Beyerdynamic DT 797
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic DT 797
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Beyerdynamic DT-797 PV, Headset combo, Innovative goose neck for microphone arm, Colour: Black@+*Headphones:*@+@+, Dynamic, closed, Circumaural, Nominal impedance: 250 Ohm, Frequency range: 5 - 30,000 Hz, Sound pressure level: 100 dB, Weight without cable 395 g, Cable length: 1.5 m@+*Microphone:*@+@+,

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Beyerdynamic DT 880 Beyerdynamic DT 880
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic DT 880
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Beyerdynamic DT-880 Edition 250 Ohm, Hi-Fi HeadphonesEquipped with precise and balanced sound characteristics of the DT 990, DT-880 has semi-open design, combining the strengths of open and closed headphones. The complete sound spectrum is reproduced in detail from the deepest sub bass to the highest highs.

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Beyerdynamic DT 48 Beyerdynamic DT 48
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic DT 48
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Beyerdynamic DT-48 Ear Pads, Replacement ear pads, For DT48, Black

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Beyerdynamic DT 1350 Beyerdynamic DT 1350
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic DT 1350
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Beyerdynamic DT-1350 CC, Headphones, Closed-back, Supra-aural, Dynamic, Tesla Technology, Swivelling ear cups (up to 90°), Perfect for use in the studio as well as for sound engineers in monitoring PA systems or for live musicians, Impedance: 80 Ohm, Sensitivity: 129 dB, Max. input level: 100 mW, Frequency

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Beyerdynamic DT 100 Beyerdynamic DT 100
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic DT 100
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Beyerdynamic DT-100/16-B, Stereo headphonesThe DT 100 is a handset used worldwide in many recording studios for monitoring purposes. It is also suitable for ENG / EFP use and live-moderation.@+@+The DT 100 offers a high wearing comfort with easy-care head and ear pads made from ""Softskin"" material. The

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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro
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Beyerdynamic DT-1990 Pro 250 Ohms, Studio Headphones, For mixing and mastering, Tesla 2.0 technology, Dynamic, Open, Circumaural, Impedance: 250 Ohm, Sound pressure level: 102 dB / SPL (1 mW / 500 Hz), Transmission range: 5 - 40,000 Hz, Maximum input level: 200 mW, Smooth 3 m cable, 5 m Coiled cable

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Beyerdynamic DT 252 Beyerdynamic DT 252
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic DT 252
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Beyerdynamic DT-252, One-Ear Headphones, Dynamic, Closed-back, Circumaural, Neodymium magnet, 80 Ohm Version, 100dB/IEC, 10 - 30.000 Hz, Weight: 170 g, Including connection cable with 3.5 mm jack and 6.3 mm adapter, Remark: Technically identic to DT250

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Beyerdynamic Custom Studio Beyerdynamic Custom Studio
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic Custom Studio
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Beyerdynamic Custom Studio, Studio Headphones, Custom Sound Slider: Four levels adjustable from analytically-clear up to ""Super Bass-heavy"", New variable noise cancellation without batteries, Design can be modified, including colour covers, rings, ear and head cushions (available from the manufacturer),

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
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Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro LTD/250, Studio Headphones, With limiter at 99 dB, Closed-back, Circumaural, Dynamic, Diffuse field equalization, Impedance: 250 Ohm, Frequency range: 5 - 35 000 Hz, 3 m Coiled cable with 3.5 mm plug connector, single sided, Screw-on adapter to 6.3 mm stereo jack, Weight with cable:

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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Ear Pads, Ear Cup Set, For DT 330MKII/ DT-330/ 660MKII/ 790/ 797/ Custom One Pro/Plus, Custom Studio, Softskin, Colour: Black, Incl. foam discs, Amount in delivery: 1 pair

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Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE
Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE
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B-Stock with full warranty*Slight Gebrauchsspurenim included:*, In Ear Hi-Fi Headphones, Dynamic, Closed, Full metal housing, Neodymium HD acoustic transducer, Frequency response: 10-25000 Hz, Max. SPL: 107 dB, Nominal Impedance: 47 Ohm, 30 cm ribbon cable with remote control, microphone and 3.5 mm stereo

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